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StoreHub is a fast expanding Software as a Service company with a revolutionary new iPad POS that is changing small businesses all over. With a combined 10+ years experience in developing eCommerce/Retail business and building technology that people love to use, the StoreHub team is obsessed with the details of creating a great user experience, beautiful design and removing the barriers that technology and software vendors typically create for their users.


Every team member working in the business has this one thing in common… they all love making businesses Awesome. The successful candidate must have a keen interest and drive to be involved in the online space. You do not need to be an expert or know everything about the industry (even we don’t claim to know everything), but you will require a burning passion to live, breathe and work in a startup environment.

What we offer you is the chance to work in a tight close-knit environment that treasures an open and collaborative culture where ideas are valued on their merits alone, not by the ranks of the people who raise them. We do not subscribe to creating a “corporate culture” but instead we enjoy building a business founded on excellence, fun and creativity. We value humility, and a Can-Do attitude. Even our managers will step out onto the packing tables during our crazy out-of-hand all hell breaks loose days. We expect you to do the same.

Our goal is to build a culture of meaningful work, where every person on the team engages their role in a personally satisfying and altruistically generous manner. People who succeed with us have a healthy love for challenges and taking the lead in developing solutions to problems. If you love small businesses, have strong communication and writing skills, and love to work and play hard then send us your resume! We look forward to meeting anyone awesome who shares the same passions as we do!


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