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COMPANY PROFILE STAFFERS PROVIDER OF ASIA INC. (SPAI) is a duly licensed and recognized manpower and placement agency, established in December 17, 2010 (amended on February 2012), and aimed at assisting the local companies in identifying the right candidate to form their organizational requirements. SPAI is located at Unit 404-A Summit One Office Tower, 530 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, 1552, Philippines with its back office in unit 205 first Marcel tower 926 G. Araneta Quezon City. MISSION: To be an instrument in the fulfillment of our clients’ corporate goals by being of assistance in their manpower and recruitment needs. To be able to bring together qualified candidates to the most progressive and dynamic firms in the Philippines, comprising of High Technology, Industrial and Services Sectors. VISION: To be recognized from among the best team players in the manpower industry focusing on QUALITY SERVICES, RELIABILITY and CLIENT’S APPROVAL. PEOPLE: Our team comprises of competent, enthusiastic, goal-oriented and customer service-oriented members aimed at providing quality service to client-companies and fellow employers. We believe in instilling to our people the corporate values of TEAMWORK, PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY SERVICE, and SWIFT RESPONSES in dealing with our clients and candidates and ADDED VALUES to the services offered. SERVICES OFFERED:  TEMPORARY STAFFING SERVICES (Contractual)  PERMANENT STAFFING SERVICES (Executive Search Process)  REFERRAL SERVICES (For one time billing only; in volume transactions)  PAYROLL AND MAINTENANCE (Includes payroll processing, timekeeping, benefits administration, replacement, counseling and a regular performance evaluation on our employees) OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE:  POSITION AND JOB ANALYSIS We appraise and match position qualifications with compensation packages and advancement opportunities, intangible incentives and other factors affecting the search.  SOURCING We utilize a variety of search methods to ensure that we include the widest selection of candidates.  SCREENING We administer intensive psychological evaluations of our candidates to ascertain physical, mental & emotional fitness to the job. Coupled with this, we conduct a highly systematic in-depth interview to draw out the candidate’s deeper personality characteristics critical to their work performance.  BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION We will furnish you with reports on the performance of the candidates with their last two employers to ascertain efficiency, work attitudes, peer relations, honesty and integrity.  GUARANTY PERIOD We shall replace any hire who resigns or is terminated for due cause within three months from hiring date, at no extra cost to you. (EXECUTIVE SEARCH) OUR CLIENTS’ BENEFITS:  Client-Company will be relieved from expensive and time-consuming process of recruitment, i.e. interviewing, testing, background and character checking.  No hassle in records-keeping and verification of pre-employment requisites and documents such as NBI, Medical Clearances, Training, Employment Certificates and other credentials.  No tedious work in payroll process under temporary assignments.  FREE from employer-employee relationships, employee grievances, counseling, employee orientation, and benefits planning and administration.  FREE from any liabilities arising from labor disputes or accidents that may befall of our personnel while on duty, as these shall be solely the responsibility of STAFFERS PROVIDER OF ASIA INC. (SPAI) ORGANIZATIONAL COMPONENTS The SPAI organizations composed of the following; • 1 General Manager • 2 Marketing Asst. • 1 HR Supervisor • 2 HR Coordinator • 1 Recruitment Specialist • 1 Accounting Specialist • 1 Payroll in charge • 1 Billing in charge • 1 Disbursement in charge • 1 Accounting Staff • 1 HR Staff • 1 Collection Officer • 2 Field Representative/Messenger • 1 Utility   LIST OF CLIENTS as of JANUARY 2015 TOP FIVE (5) CLIENTS 1. D’MARK MULTISALES CORPORATION/DERMASIA/NEOSTRATA The D’Mark Multisales Corporation and their affiliates (Imuno Luxor, and Neostrata) are the biggest manufacturers and traders of fashion accessories, skin care products and Jewelries in the Philippines. DMMC are one of the consignors of SM and Robinsons nationwide. SPAI is currently serving D’Mark Multisales Corporation for their (300) manpower requirements consisting of sales clerks, office staffs, delivery drivers and warehouse staff. 2. PHILIPPINE VENDING CORPORATION Philippine Vending Corporation is distributor of food and Beverages service specially beverages vending machines in to malls and BPO companies. SPAI is currently servicing their (200) manpower requirements for drivers, delivery helpers and static refillers. 3. W HYDROCOLLOIDS INC. W hydrocolloids Inc. is one of the leading carageenan distributor in the Philippines. WHI is one of the affiliates of SPAI. SPAI is currently servicing their (150) manpower requirements for Business Analyst, office staff, data encoder, executive assistant, quality analyst, sales representative (International market), IMPEX assistant, Production crews, maintenance crews and Engineers. 4. CREATIVE MINDS FASHION CONCEPTS INC. Creative Minds Fashion Concepts Inc. (CMFCI) is also manufacturer and trader of fashion accessories such as Hiyas Pilipinas and Nacarra. CMFCI is also one of the consignors of SM nationwide. SPAI is currently servicing their (70) manpower requirements for sales associate, inventory clerk and warehouse staff. 5. DERMASIA CORPORATION Dermasia Corporation is distributor of skin care products. SPAI is also servicing Dermasia Corporation for (65) manpower requirements for sales clerk, office staff, company and executive drivers, warehouse staff. Other clients 1. CEBU CARRAGEENAN CORPORATION Cebu Carrageenan Corporation (CCC) is carrageenan distributor in major food industries in the Philippines which is based in Cebu. SPAI is currently serving the CCC for their manpower requirements which are composed of office staff, production crew, company drivers and sun dryer staff. 2. EPHONE COMPANY INC. E Phone Company Inc. is the largest local distributor of Mobile phone and accessories. SPAI is currently servicing their manpower requirements for sales associate. 3. MARINE RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Marine Resources Development Corporation (MRDC) is one of affiliates of SPAI. MRDC is also a local distributor of carageenan. SPAI is currently servicing their manpower requirements for Delivery driver, helper and production crews. 4. PHILIPPINE STEEL HOLDINGS CORPORATION Philippine Steel Holding Corporation (PSHC) is manufacturer and supplier of steel in construction industry. SPAI is now currently servicing the PSHC with their manpower requirements for Dispatch auditor, Marketing staff, Engineers and Architects. 5. THE TILE GALLERY The Tile Gallery is a distributor of Ceramic and Homogenous porcelain tiles. SPAI is currently servicing The Tile Gallery for their manpower requirements of AutoCAD Designer, Product consultant, sales assistant and sales coordinator. 6. TRAMWAY GARDEN BUFFET/TRAMWAY Tramway Garden Buffer/Tramway are an Eat All you can restaurant. SPAI is currently servicing their manpower requirements for service crews, dishwashers and cook. 7. W GROUP, INC. W Group Inc. is in the line of food manufacturing, Investment and Real Estate and one of the affiliates of SPAI. SPAI is currently servicing their manpower requirements for Business analyst, Office staff, Data encoder, Executive assistant, Quality analyst, Sales representative (International market) and Engineers. 8. W LANDMARK INC. W Landmark Inc. is in the line of Investments and real estate. WLI is one of the affiliates of SPAI. SPAI is currently servicing their requirements for Engineers. 9. W TOWER CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION W Tower Condominium Corporation is in the real estate business. W Tower is also one of the affiliates of SPAI. We are currently servicing their manpower requirements for housekeepers, Electricians, Maintenance and Engineers. 10. SKYCABLE CORPORATION SKYCABLE is a Filipino cable telecommunications company and the country's largest cable television provider. SPAI is currently servicing their manpower requirement for Team Leader and Sales Agent in North Area. Manpower Requirement Offered  Accountant • General Accountant • Cost Accountant • Accounting Staff • Bookkeeper  Chef / Cook  Drivers • Executive Driver • Delivery Driver, Truck and Trailer Driver  Engineers • Computer Engineer • Electronic Engineer • Sales Engineer • Software Engineer • AutoCAD Designer  IT / Programmer / Web Developer  Logistics  Maintenance / Helper / Crew  Office Staff  Production Worker  Quality Analyzes / Chemist  Sales Associate  Skilled Worker

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