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At SRM Consultancy, we believe in creating value for our clients by working together to scale their businesses to greater heights. We work primarily with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), providing productivity solutions and consultancy services. The razor-thin margins of the retail industry, coupled with the increased use of digital technology and emerging market opportunities, has made it challenging for local SMEs to stand out. We at SRM Consultancy understand this. With our extensive industry experience, SRM Consultancy has the right expertise to work with clients to develop and implement customised solutions in order to seize opportunities and avoid threats. We are a team of experienced management consultants and business development managers who have worked on a wide array of projects within the retail industry. Amongst other specialised skillsets, we have specific expertise in the area of retail E-commerce. With deep industry knowledge and past engagements with various retailers and customers alike, we have unparalleled insights into the trends and opportunities within the sector. Building upon that, we are constantly developing proprietary solutions to enable growth and expansion of our Clients’ businesses.

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