SPARTA Philippines

Alamat Kantor
126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines


Vision SPARTA is a one-stop sports, lifestyle and wellness center built for the highly competitive athlete. It is destined to become the most influential one-stop sports facility in the Philippines through it’s centralized location, expert trainers and programs developed for those who aim to dominate the competition. Mission SPARTA’s law is to develop individuals into the best versions of themselves and transform the quality of their lives through fitness and active living. Our passion for this mission has inspired us to develop several facilities (including the first ever FIFA 1-Star, seven-a-side soccer pitch in The Philippines) that will forge intense strength and character building in only ways that SPARTA can. Brand Values Fearlessness – When you step into SPARTA, you overcome your own limitations through constant practice and focused training that challenge you beyond your own limits. Spartans never retreat from a challenge and never surrender until they have conquered them. Respect and Honor – A Spartan respects his field of battle as well as his chosen sport even as he tries to conquer his limitations during training. By honing his abilities in the arena, a Spartan honors his body– making himself fit to face challenges both in and out of the arena. Excellence– There is no compromise to excellence. Spartans laugh at the face of mediocrity. Hardwork, dedication, and passion have made the SPARTA management and staff experts in their respective fields—no one is better equipped to forge unstoppable athletes.

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