Skillshot Labs

Alamat Kantor
Unit 805 8/F Ecotower Bldg., Taguig, Philippines


Skillshot Labs (formerly transcosmos Philippines, inc.) is a maker and publisher of entertainment apps that focuses on mobile app development for the iOS and Android lines of smart phones and tablets. Skillshot Labs has some unique, compelling, and addictive social entertainment apps in the pipeline. We plan to redefine the world of mobile games by introducing our own spice of playfulness and curiosity into our apps, games, and solutions. Skillshot Labs was initially formed in 2012 as transcosmos Philippines, inc. Almost a year later, we changed our name to Skillshot Labs which better represents our goal of publishing fun, unique, and socially engaging games that make the world a happier and brighter place. While Skillshot Labs now has its own identity, we are still currently a member of the transcosmos group of companies.

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