Office Address
15th floor Ramon Magsaysay Center, Manila, Philippines


PH CNEEC POWER Inc. (PCPI) engages in power plant, power generation technical assistance, general services and power plant material procurement

PH CNEEC POWER INC. also engages in trading and services of power equipment, machinery, tools, accessories spare parts and other industrial equipments.

-- SINOCOM DIGITAL SECURITY SYSTEMS (SDSS) SDSS Manufactures various security system devices products, service and solutions. SDSS designs, develops, integrate, and implement various security solutions designed to tailor fit each industry’s demands, specific requirement and concerns; custom designed for each client and project. -- SINOCOM GROUP INC (SGI) is a diversified industrial solutions provider specializing in exclusive distribution, wholesale trade and provision with design of various Industrial products and solutions such as Electrical Equipments like HV/LV switchgears , transformers, distribution cabinets and switches, electrical power fittings, indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, load switches, cabinets including its independently developed “ watchdog “ series with intelligent boundaries , GA- GPRS/GSM background systems and some equipments with automation and system integration features catered to substations/ switchyard, power distribution for Energy Companies.

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