Selement Corporation

Alamat Kantor
Unit 1504, The Orient Square Building, Pasig City, Philippines


formerly T.Florencio Jewelry Corporation, is the project proponent. Selement is one of the companies under the umbrella of Recomira-Ray Corporation, a company founded in 1995 by spouses Mr. Renato and Mrs. Corazon Florencio together with their children Teresa, Rafael, and Thomas Ray. Selement Corp. President Mr. Thomas Ray Matheu-Florencio is the man behind the dynamic and innovative progress Selement Corp. is directed at. Thomas Ray is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University. He is a Graduate Gemologist and holds the distinction of being the first Filipino graduate of the Jewelry Business Management Course of the Gemological Institute of America in San Diego, California, USA. Founded in November 2006, the then T. Florencio Jewelry was born out of the desire of the younger Florencio to challenge the industry trend of deteriorating quality of jewelry pieces due to economies and stiff competition. His vision was to bring back the fundamental nature of Jewelry. For him jewelry is and should be the highest symbol of love, success, royalty and art and that a jeweler should do a piece until it is perfect. At T. Florencio Jewelry, quality standards will never be compromised. At present, now renamed Selement Corp., the company remains as one of the top quality jewelry providers in the country. It holds shops at the most prestigious locations in the metropolis catering to the discriminating taste of its elite target market.

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