Safehouse MMA & Fitness Gym Manila

Alamat Kantor
3rd floor Lamco bldg. Entrance is at Max's restaurant (beside Mcdonalds). Along Quezon Avenue., 1400 Quezon City, Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines


Safehouse MMA Gym is the Country's First Homegrown Fight Academy. We aim to put Filipinos on World map. The gym focuses not just on physical fitness but the makings of a fighter. Believing that everyone is always confronted with a challenge, it offers a unique training program that includes boxing, Muay-Thai, wrestling submission, close combat training in the octagon as well as plyometrics, grounds training, high intensity workout and the like designed to train the body and the mind to push, and push harder. The benefits are not only physical (endurance, increased metabolism, cardio strength, self-defense, weight loss) as it also builds confidence, discipline and most importantly, character. Everyone is engaged in his own fight and overcoming begins with an attitude that constantly rises to the challenge. Are you up for it? Begin your training on Safehouse!

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