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Citywide, Odiongan, Philippines


We created Romblon Wireless to meet the need of Romblonians for reliable, high speed Internet that works. Although our province has other Internet Service Providers, they suffer from too many subscribers or unstable and slow connections. From students and teachers, to web designers and Internet Cafe owners, every day we hear a new story about how the Internet is slow or unusable. Our goal is to provide service that people can depend on. Regardless of the time of day, the Interet will work for you! We hope to help our fellow Romblonians be able to do business, student projects, teacher reports and of course enjoy Facebook, Youtube and all the other wonderful things the Internet has to offer. We have 20 years of network experience in Asia and use every bit of our knowledge and experience to ensure you have a wonderful Internet experience. Experience the difference and Love your Internet again! Sincerely, The Romblon Wireless Team

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