RMR Electric Corp

Alamat Kantor
20 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo, Philippines


The RMR Electric Corporation was organized to provide superior service to the electrical community in the Philippines. We accomplish this by supplying customers with outstanding technical expertise. RMR provides all customers the best electrical products available in the world market. This dynamic association ensures safe and reliable Power System Design and Equipment for our customers and provides fulfillment to all RMR Employees. Employees of RMR are challenged in their given assignments. We provide them with opportunities for personal development and are rewarded for their individual contribution. Our Company name--- RMR Electric--- carries with it a three fold mission: R – Reliable Service M – Market Leadership R – Reasonable Price Our Company was founded to provide a unique service to the Philippine Electrical Community. Our goal and vision is to provide our customers with superior products as well as technical expertise for the proper application and service of all electrical equipment. We are committed to the concept of “service after sales”. We continuously strive to improve our capability to provide customers with superior service through our dedicated and expert staff. Our employees are our vital resource. We hire people for a lifetime career through continuous education. We use knowledge as a foundation to attain technological skills. This is our company’s competitive advantage. This technical know-how motivates us to accomplish projects that will be the milestone and breakthrough in the global industrial market. We are committed to provide products that are cost effective, safe and reliable. Our customer’s security will be our ability to offer the best solution to their problem. Above all our trust in God will be our guidance to enlighten our minds. Together we pray, create our future and pride in the way we think. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by focusing on customer satisfaction before, during, and most especially after the sale. We do this by providing reliable, prompt and quality service. Our success will not be at the expense of those whom we are supposed to serve. Rather, our success will be a natural result of effective and responsive service. We strive to continuously innovate as a way to keep our products and services superior. This is our key to attain leadership in the electrical products and services market. We also constantly explore on ways to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of our products and services. In this manner, we keep our prices competitive and reasonable. We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction. This is achieved by providing competitive benefits to our employees. Furthermore, our employees are considered business partners and are involved in decision-making.

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