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YOUR BEST CHOICE OF AUCTION! Our Company Recycle Park Japan is a well-established auction house operated by the Park Japan Group of Companies. RPJ is where you can quality second-hand items like furniture, guitars, bikes, bags, power tools, toys and a lot more. But these items we offer are no push-over. The products we boast at RPJ are under international brand names and all imported from Japan. RPJ hosts weekly on-site auctions for our special products. People who wish to be bidders and join the auction must meet specific qualifications in order to fully enjoy the thrill of auctions Our Mission To provide our customers with the best care and products at high quality and standards that fit their needs in terms of value, performance, and credibility as well. To promote the ever-developing life-support technology and products which help human lives. To enhance the auction process by raising standards, promoting fairness in business and pricing, and living up human companionship. Our Goal RPJ’s main goal is to serve at our best in promoting and raising awareness globally the process and flow of recycling products directly imported from Japan and other countries. RPJ makes sure that all its customers are satisfied with our high-quality products. We will make sure that are auctions are fair and fun at the same time. Our Vision RPJ envisions itself as an innovative company that widens the reach of people to attain high-quality used products at auction prices. We create a wider ingenuity re-distribution process that will balance harmonious high quality good condition items while giving our environment a proper cycle of conservation through the re-distribution process of used high-quality products globally. Our Motto We boast and maintain high-quality branded products from Japan and other countries. We find ways to make it happen and touch human lives with our great products at auction prices. ABOUT RECYCLE PARK JAPAN Recycle Park Japan Auction provides auction services here in Philippines. We ensure that all items are in lowest price but with excellent quality. What are you waiting for? Contact us now to know about our company. MORE INFO For supplier inquiry. Japan Desk 080-8886-4746 • 0916 681 0925 • Warehouse 6, Sanford compound Km 22 East Service Road, Cupang Muntinlupa City, Philippines • • Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy • Copyright 2014 Recycle Park Japan


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