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REAL STAR OPPORTUNITIES SERVICES CORP. We comply to an honest work ethic because we understand the importance of people in the workplace. To us, they are the real stars to the success of any organization. And that’s where we come in – to help you find professional, star-quality people that matches your needs. Our Goal Bridging the gap between people and business is what we are committed to deliver at RSO Services Corp. We believe that the best asset of a company is its manpower and choosing the right staff at the right time may be a challenge to hurdle for most companies whether start up, mid sized or large , multi national corporations. RSO Services Corp was set up with the primary goal of providing excellent service aimed to augment companies with a “Contingent Staff”dedicated to source, recruit and select the best talent for a job, as required and when required. This model allows companies to focus on their core business competencies without worrying about non core functions like recruitment and placement. When businesses grow and requirement for staffing grows, companies do not have to worry about hiring additional recruiters to do the job, RSO Services Corp will do the job for them. With RSO Services Corp, companies are assured of the availability of a talent pool that can be tapped at the right time. Real talents shine like a STAR when they are matched with the right company, the perfect project and a promising career. Here at RSO Services Corp, we commit to “bridge the right talent with the right job” Our Team Composed of seasoned professionals exposed to the different facets of recruitment, from sourcing, screening, processing and selecting. Our experience includes the actual process of requirements identification, job qualification and calibration. Our exposure in the IT industry allows us to understand technical terms and the IT lingo which makes it easier for us to match and select based on the requirements defined by our clients. Each and every candidate we endorse to our clients go through our validation process, an assurance that we know what we are doing and apply our expertise in the careful selection of candidates Our team is dedicated, focused, goal and output oriented. At the end of the day, our goal is to satisfy our clients and look forward to long term business relationships and partnerships. Our Vision To be the number one preferred “Contingent Search” company for businesses and the number one preferred “Recruitment Arm” of IT Professionals Our Mission To find the right talent for the right job To find the right job for the right talent To bridge people and business together

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