Prime Tele-Access Solutions, Inc.

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1639 16th Floor. City land Mega Plaza Bldg. ADB Ave. Cor. Garnet Dr. Ortigas Center, Pasig City., Pasig, Philippines


Prime Tele-Access Solutions, Inc. is a duly registered BPO Management Consultancy firm, specializes in developing candidates to become strategic and successful, as required in the BPO industry. We thrive significantly as a highly reliable avenue with a higher probability of getting hired as an employee while offering them a way of accessing a wider network therein. And With our substantial amount of exposure in the industry, we take pride in identifying program efficiency tools that merits soundness in producing qualified candidates, validated even further to lay greater opportunities for our candidates succeed in their career paths. In anticipation to the great demand for call center jobs that only continues to increase, our firm is steadfast committed to be of great help to our partner call center companies, taking care of the daunting task of searching, identifying, and processing prospective candidates, and strikes up subsequently an agreement only to aid them in filling in vacant job positions. In our pursuit for identifying quality candidates, our recruitment Team has thus far kept abreast on the latest industry trends and standard, spearheading the development of database system and laid vast network to sustain the recruitment process. In view of the enormity of our commitment, premised on the overwhelming desire to make a difference in the lives of those in quest for both economic and career pathways, and a concession to the industry that comforted us insurmountably, comes the creation of Prime Tele-Access Solutions, Inc.

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