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The Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is the voluntary self-regulating body for franchising in the Philippines. It is the country’s pioneer and largest franchise association with members ranging from micro to large, both homegrown and international involved in food, retail, services and other types of businesses. PFA members are bound by the Fair Franchising Standards (FFS), the Association’s code of ethics, which exhorts members to practice transparency and fairness in the conduct of sale of their franchises. PFA is guided by its mission to promote franchising as a tool for economic development and nation-building, through enterprise development and employment generation. Through the years, it has become an important contributor to the Philippine economy and will continue to be an economic growth engine. PFA envisions the Philippines as the “Center for Franchise Development in Asia” by working for an enabling environment that will promote the growth and success of international and homegrown franchises and make the Philippines an ideal regional headquarters for international franchises operating in the Asia-Pacific. PFA is also committed to creating programs that will open opportunities for the expansion of Philippine franchises domestically and overseas by assisting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), including the development of incubation centers where highly franchiseable concepts can be introduced to the mainstream market. Recently, PFA was appointed Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation (APFC) and is expected to come up with programs that will drive the growth of franchising in the region. The Association was also elected as one of the members of the Working Committee of the World Franchise Council (WFC), whose task is to create activities that will further the agenda of the said international body.

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