Maridan Industries, Inc.

Alamat Kantor
Diversion Road, Sambag, Iloilo City, Philippines


Maridan Industries Incorporated was first established as Maridan Chemical Industries, a single proprietorship company registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on July 5, 1991, and with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under license number RDII-RVI-DM-021. Founded by Maridan Nava-Sollesta, the company specialized primarily in manufacturing “galenicals” or medicines for external use made from the active components of plants and chemicals. Among its first products were white rose rubbing alcohol, aceite de manzanilla, aceite de alcamporado, oil of wintergreen, and solutions of povidone iodine, salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Now a family-owned corporation, Maridan Industries Incorporated is being managed by Eusebio V. Sollesta and Maridan Nava-Sollesta together with their sons, Marketing Manager Lester, Production Manager Jan, and Eldred. A premier drug manufacturer in Western Visayas, the company has launched a broad array of galenical products, drugs, cosmetics and chemicals in over two decades, which are widely distributed in various channels locally.

While the company focuses on producing top products of choice, it seeks to keep abreast of the dynamic chemical industry in diversified means. Pursuing quality while creating no adverse impact on the environment is also one of its major thrusts. Thus, a significant portion of the company investment yearly is on state-of-the art equipment and maintenance, proper waste management, and sanitation that do not compromise the communities in the vicinity of its facilities.

Likewise, investing in quality people and talent is of utmost importance. From the administration to the manufacturing department to marketing, the company has a robust roster of competent and driven personnel who seek to deliver on corporate goals.

Through the years, Maridan Industries Incorporated has remained steadfast in delivering exceptional products and services as it earned invaluable support from loyal customers while continuously building strong business relationships among its stakeholders, partners, and suppliers.

To date, Maridan Industries Incorporated has launched its new line of antiseptic brand, Hyclens.

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