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Unit 1402 The Centerpoint, Julia Vargas Ave. corner Garnet Rd., Pasig, Philippines


PH Offshoring Solutions Inc. (PHOS) is a start-up providing offshoring and outsourcing services to companies in Australia and globally. Our focus is to provide a high level of technical services (development and support) compared to other offshoring/outsourcing companies based in Asia. While the existing benefit of outsourcing is simply access to “cheap” labour source through lower wage costs in other countries in Asia (India, China etc), this benefit represents only one of the many real benefits of outsourcing. Infact the additional costs associated with managing an outsourced team, difficulties in communication, the complexity around software requirements, and the risk of staff turnover often results in higher costs and risks going down this path. Many Western companies have had a negative experiences, simply chasing the cheapest provider. PHOS differs in the following ways: 1. PHOS has an Australian based management team. This team is comprised of a senior solutions architect and a senior business analyst. This team deals directly with the Australian customer, in discovery, documentation, requirements analysis, and then also manages the relationship back to the PH Team. 2. PHOS is managed by an Australian-Filipino based management team. This provides a strong technical and communication link between the Australian management team and the PH technical team. By adopting the above strategy, we provide Australian based companies a local, experienced technical team who are able to develop, foster and manage the relationship, rather than simply providing technical “cheap” resources. The Philippines team, similarly, will be managed in a way to ensure longevity in the solutions delivered, through better communication channels, "Australian" business acumen, and work accountability.

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