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Mandaluyong, Philippines


At the intersection of data science, chatbots, and AI, Pez.AI is creating a new paradigm for interacting with data. Our revolutionary natural language interface enables business users and technical professionals alike to gain insights from data through conversation, creating a natural environment for exploring data. Through the same conversational interface, Pez.AI automates customer service lowering the overall cost per request. Pez.AI is building a new development center in Manila and is looking for talented and knowledge-hungry professionals to form our core team. Our needs span the full R&D lifecycle, including a product manager, data scientists, software engineers, devops, and automated test engineers. This is your chance to be involved in the future of technology with a company founded by a veteran AI researcher and engineer. Pez.AI was founded by Prof. Brian Lee Yung Rowe, who has been developing AI and NLP systems since 1999. Prof. Rowe is also an Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches graduate level courses on predictive modeling, machine learning, and big data methods.

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