PeopleMap Consulting

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Pasig, NCR, Philippines


PeopleMap Consulting is the newest player in the management consulting industry specializing in human resources development, training and organizational development. PMC is driven to exceed its clients’ expectations in delivering the most effective and most cost-efficient products and services to help them achieve their strategic goals, to maximize productivity and competencies and deliver superior advantage. The organization is geared towards the holistic development of any individual in any type of organization how big or small it is. PMC is committed not only to be the best and most cost-efficient provider of products and services but to further promote a collaborative consulting environment with the highest ethical standards and degree of excellence. PeopleMappers as we call ourselves is a team of multi-skilled, young and dynamic and competent consultants skilled in providing our clients the most cutting–edge, innovative and most cost-efficient solutions to help your organization maximize its most important asset, the people. PMC provides a wide range of products and services tailor-fitted to the unique needs of your organization as well as the fast-paced corporate environment.

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