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Taguig, Philippines


To transcend the longstanding impediments of our political system and to deepen our democracy, we must empower and involve the Philippine people in governance and hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents and to their country. PAMPUBLIKO provides the platform, tools, and stimulus for these changes. PAMPUBLIKO is a think tank and online policy discussion platform that provides a public resource for the Philippine citizenry to engage with governance, and that seeks to reorient the mainstream political conversation away from personality politics and towards policy discussion. Specializing in long-term strategic thinking, our work is founded on its internal, independent, non-partisan think tank, which produces custom research, policy proposals, and programs of government as a public good and for private commission. BANTAY PUBLIKO is our satire and media watchdog section, which aims to keep the media accountable and the public critical. Independence of thought is the privilege and cornerstone of our democracy. It is our responsibility to safeguard it by deeply educating ourselves, genuinely engaging with opposing positions, and constructing our own informed conclusions. This is the bedrock upon which we as individuals may first involve ourselves in national governance, and it is the bedrock from which we will together advance our shared Philippine future. MISSION We believe that the prevailing political discourse should be premised on substantive discussions of policy, and that these discussions must be more inclusive and accessible — not merely the province of academia and legislators. PAMPUBLIKO's mission is to aid good governance by democratizing public policy discussion, fostering citizen engagement with long-term governance, and deepening the mainstream political discourse.

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