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Launchgarage Innovation Hub, Quezon City, Philippines


PaidUp is a UK-based tech start-up with an innovative mobile app that enables users to get more from their favourite local stores by paying upfront in return for exclusive discounts, freebies and rewards. It also enables customers to order food + drinks on-the-go and save time by no longer having to wait in line. We are mostly millennials, passionate by nature and driven to build a great company that gives back - we don't care what school you came from, as long as you have the right attitude to grow! The app has been designed to enable micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to bypass banks and crowd-fund working capital from their regular customers. Our mission is to help small businesses in the Philippines succeed. Our HQ in Quezon City and Makati is constantly looking for friendly, dedicated and passionate people that care about using technology to build a better world - so get in touch with us today! (even if we don't have an exact position for you, it would be good to meet and better understand what you are looking for)

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