Onyx CenterSource Philippines Inc.

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1506-1508 Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Makati, Philippines


Onyx CenterSource is the world's leading provider of hospitality technology for commission payments and recovery solutions for hotels and travel distributors. Onyx CenterSource helps more than 60,000 hotel properties protect their reputations and keep travel agencies happy. We are the only commission payments and recovery company that works with both agencies and hotels and has relationships with companies in more than 160 countries. The thing we like to do best, though, is bring people together. There is a traditional belief that an onyx stone protects harmonious relationships. Working with both sides of the commission equation gives us a completeness of information that’s unmatched in the industry. It allows us to not only help foster those harmonious relationships, but it lets us provide our customers with actionable insights to improve their business performance. If you are considering a career in one of the world’s most specialized travel-hospitality intermediary companies in an international environment, check out our current job opening.

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