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Alamat Kantor
No. 4 Mia Road, Parañaque, Philippines


NEW SUMMIT COLORS DISTRIBUTION INC. The company marked its presence in the hair care industry last January 2011 and is aggressively distributing professional, salon-grade hair care products. We cater primarily to the midrange and high-end clients. We distribute a range of quality and reliable salon products, from hair coloring, perming, and rebonding supplies to intensive hairtherapy products, addressing our market’s every need. We are constantly updating our selection, and our products meet the industry’s performance standards. Our company culture is characterized by professionalism and creativity, fueled with a never-ending search for innovation and continuous learning through education. Besides providing innovative and affordable professional hair care products, it is our vision and commitment to educate and enhance our client-partners’ knowledge and skills through extensive training and updated information on the current fashion and lifestyle trends. If you want to be a part of a dynamic, motivated team, and enjoy promoting high-quality products, then you have come to the right place. Our dedicated employees have one thing in common - a passion for beautiful hair! Product & Services The company is the exclusive distributor of CYNOS Inside Hair Care Products. Launched in 1993, CYNOS is a line of hair care, styling and treatment products from South Korea. The term is derived from the word cynosure, signifying the brand’s ambition to be the leader in the hair and beauty industry. CYNOS also stands for CYcle Natural Original System, which is the brand’s core and commitment to society. CYNOS set up distribution in Germany in 2007. Three years later, Colornow Canada Ltd acquired the brand, and established an exclusive R&D laboratory to improve product quality and performance. CYNOS is backed with up-to-date research, and the latest and most advanced technology in hair cosmetics. CYNOS products are now widely distributed in various country like Germany, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Costarica, France, Spain, UK, Kenya, Egpyt, Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, Syria and the Philippines. PRODUCT OFFER Affordable High Quality Professional Products Cynos Professional Products are backed by research and clinical studies. They are easy to use, and have high regard for professional hair care programs. Quality and affordability are their main offers to salon partners. Professional Technical Assistance We widely recognize the ever-changing needs of our salon partners, as they continue to evolve together with the trends. We equip them with the latest hairstyling and hair care techniques and know-how. Our technical advisers are highly trained in bringing forth systematic and professional education. We provide in-salon demo training for hair coloring, perming, rebonding, and other intensive hair treatments. Technical Training Center We know that continuous learning and education is the bedrock to a successful business, and it is rewarding to one's career as well. We at Summit Colors continue to deliver and bring forth quality teaching, and help stylists keep abreast with the latest techniques in the hairdressing industry. Our clients' needs are evolving and their preferences change in time. They are fashion forward, service sensitive and very much aware of the latest fashion and trends in the market. We offer the very best in coloring, cutting, forming and finishing techniques. Our dynamic technical team can further equip and hone one's skills, bringing forth the latest inspiration and creations that only CYNOS can offer. MISSION Company's commitment is to promote a spirit of "creativity, challenge and support". It further promotes an active mentality of "loyalty, dedication, passion and aggressiveness" to its partners - the PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSERS.

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