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10 flr. Unit 1003, The Centerpoint Bldg. cor. Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Pasig, Philippines


About the Company Digital Paradise Inc. (DPI) is the owner and operator of Netopia Internet Café. Majority of its stock is owned by IP E Game Ventures, Inc. (an IPVG Company) and the rest by group of entrepreneurs and businessmen. Netopia Internet Café is the largest chain of shared access (Internet and computer access) provider in the Philippines with over 76 branches and almost 2,900 workstations nationwide. It is the company’s strategy to focus on its primary business, which is providing access to the greater number of Filipinos that cannot afford their own personal access or those who choose a more efficient alternative. Netopia is a network of owned and franchised retail outlets engaged in computer and networked computer leasing, shared Internet access, desktop publishing services, ePIN dispensing and other value-added services. Netopia’s branches are all equipped with up-to-date computer workstations and have a standard image and service level. Among its key advantages over its competition (outside of size and spread) are per-minute billing capability; fast and reliable broadband connection; strong technical support per branch; and continuing expansion of products and services. Its History Netopia was founded by two computer enthusiasts in 1996. It began as a private gaming room where friends could pit their eye-hand coordination skills against each other. When the original Katipunan branch opened its doors to the public in January 1997, long queues formed, and soon a loyal customer base grew. By sheer word of mouth, Netopia effortlessly attracted a new wave of faithful clients. Sealing Netopia's success is its commitment to bringing in the latest Internet-related technology. Its Name Netopia \ net-öpëa \ comes from the root words network (an interconnected system of computers) and utopia (a place or state of ideal perfection). An ideal place for computer networks, a Digital Paradise---Netopia. Its Mission and Vision "To be the preferred Internet Cafe for digital information, education and training, entertainment and e-commerce, full at all times, providing delightful Netopia experience anytime anywhere." "To provide one-stop Information Communication Technology services accessible to the public; to deliver reliable and consistently satisfying customer experience everywhere; and to give full and sustainable value to its stakeholders; thereby making the Netopia the leading Internet Cafe chain in the Philippines." Netopia is dedicated in building long-term relationships with customers through personal service. We offer constant technological upkeep to make our customers updated on the latest computer and Internet technologies. We want to provide affordable access to information and communication to people without access to computers and the World Wide Web. To be a DIGITAL PARADISE where people can come and get connected to the world. A place where there are no borders, where race and culture are only incidences, where you can be yourself and realize that you are where you should be - Netopia.

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