MP Megapro Plus Marketing Corp.

Alamat Kantor
Los Tamaraos Sunset Village, Pasay, Philippines


ABOUT US Delivering only quality karaoke technology, MegaPro has mastered and made an effort in discovering and understanding the needs of its target market especially on the type of Karaoke System that would suit them best. Committed to Digital Technology and Convergence in Content, Mega Pro becomes the perfect choice of more and more individuals, hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs and many others. Owned by Kim Sung Bok, MegaPro’s main business is on karaoke and electronics. The company has over 20 highly effective employees that are credible sales officers, marketing and operations head. ll units distributed by MegaPro have license and are all engineered to perform with high quality audio and visual systems, memory and content database. . With its main office located in Parañaque; Mega Pro is active in marketing its units, sustaining the business in which the ultimate goal is to deliver high quality entertainment factor. HISTORY MegaPro started 14 years ago as a sales distribution agent of MPMTECH in 2000 during that time, knowledge and skills in distributing Karaoke systems have been honed making us credible in establishing our very own MegaPro with YADI Electronics that transpired 8 years ago. As our business expand with our sales increased and our team more competitive, we thought of changing the business into a corporation in which in 2012, we became MegaPro Plus. Marketing Corporation.Hence, now as MegaPro Plus Marketing Corporation we seek to deliver continuously the excellence we have worked hard for since our humble beginnings.

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