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24 Bulacan St. Brgy. West Avenue Bungad, Quezon City, Philippines


MJ Fragrance World Inc. MNL is an original fragrance line created with the modern-day Pinoy & Pinay in mind. It was conceptualized and founded by singer-model, Mica Javier, in 2013, soon after she moved back home to Manila from New York; hence, MNL. Inspired by her experiences abroad, and encouraged by her entrepreneur father, Mica decided to bring something fresh to the market, by producing quality fragrances at very affordable prices. MNL caters to people from all walks of life. This fragrance collection is comprised of EDTs (eau de toilette--not as intense as perfume, but not as light as cologne) that come in 80 ml bottles; 7 scents for women, and 7 scents for men. MNL provides a selection of fresh scents that go well with the heat and humidity of our beautiful tropical country. MNL is simple, classy, and timeless. Everyone loves to look good, feel good, and smell good--MNL provides all of these, starting from the latter. With packaging that is visually appealing, chic in design, and easy to carry around, MNL aims to elevate the lifestyle and culture of Filipinos nationwide. Not to mention, its easy on the pocket too! So whatever your background, and whatever you do, MNL loves you.

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