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“Migo is neither a technology nor a service. Migo is a vision. The vision of a boy from New York City who has been exploring the world since 1975. A global vision that stands for a different way of thinking. A habit of imagining a new future and then persevering to attain it. A vision wherein each Imagineering melds a humanist heart with the mind of a technologist, and the soul of an entertainer. A vision that will take Migo on a journey around the world, bringing entertainment and education to everyone.” -Barrett Comiskey, Founder & CEO Migo is a consumer focused innovation company addressing the digital divide in emerging markets, where transformative innovation is long overdue. Headquartered in Taipei with primary operations in the Philippines, Migo is a one-of-a-kind service that provides premium on-demand entertainment, education, and essential services to billions of people who are otherwise being left behind. Migo delivers the best entertainment and education to our consumers with radical new hardware and software technologies, all developed in-house. We are currently expanding operations in the Philippines and preparing to scale in the region. As Imagineers, we are deeply committed to and bound together by our mission: bringing entertainment and education to everyone through innovation. In this endeavor, we pursue the constant improvement of ourselves, our teammates, our organization, and the lives of the people we serve. We are seeking new Imagineers who yearn for the opportunity to work with a purpose, devoting their days to creating & delivering solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We value potential over experience, character over résumé, and curiosity over knowledge. To Imagineer is to Imagine, Design, Build and Operate an organization which transforms the lives of the underserved in countries around the world. Imagineering requires discipline and tenacity; a habit of both dreaming and doing; a knack for diverging and converging; an ability to thrive in the worlds of order and disorder alike. It encompasses both creation and implementation – the two faces of innovation, both critical to our mission’s success. Imagineers develop deep, diverse skills across a wide range of dimensions and crafts in order to be able to tackle the unexpected challenges which arise every day.

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