Metacom Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Alamat Kantor
State Centre II Building, Mandaluyong, Philippines


Metacom Business Process Outsourcing Solutions is Philippine-based outsourcing firm that provides a range of outsourcing services from consulting services, IT-enabled services, and call center services primarily catering small and medium based enterprises. As an outsourcing firm, the primary goal of Metacom is to assist organizational companies and individuals to focus on their core competencies by managing critical routine aspects of their business operations. The company further makes its services more affordable by sourcing its service providing professionals in the Philippine provinces such as Bulacan, Naga, Baguio and Laguna where professional resources are comparable yet operational cost of running a business is cheaper. As such, the company is able to provide services at more affordable rates without compromising quality. Metacom further ensures delivering excellent results through continuous improvement and process innovation, which in turn promises greater professional advancement of its employees. When it comes to outsourcing service, Metacom Business Process Outsourcing Solutions provides customized and personalized solutions recognizing the distinct needs of clients and in the belief that comparative competitiveness lies on differentiation. Thus, it provides varied and customized services to its every client to address their unique needs match their unique requirements and guarantee their comparative advantage. Among the major services offered by Metacom Business Process Outsourcing Solutions included customer contact services, telemarketing and sales, Documentation administration, customer services, administrative services, virtual assistance and other needs. The company provides these services carefully adhering to agreed processes, work standards, targets and objectives. Because Metacom understands that knowledge of their employees is the most important asset for rendering effective quality services, the company provides above industry standards compensation package to attract the best and brightest professionals for the job including medical and life Insurance Benefits, training for personal development and performance reviews among others.

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