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Makati Finance Corporation

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About Makati Finance Corporation

Makati Finance Corporation was established in 1966 by the Benitez Family. At that time, its main activities were stock dealership, extension of credit facilities and acceptance of private placements. In the mid-1970s, MIFC was acquired in full by the Amalgamated Development Corporation (ADC), another Benitez Family affiliated firm with a wider shareholder base. MIFC then dropped “Investment” from its name and concentrated on lending activities. MFC’s main product lines as a credit institution included real estate financing, appliance financing, fleet car financing and insurance services. Like many local companies, MFC was affected by the economic and financial crisis that hit the country during the mid-1980s. To continue having a sound and stable balance sheet and avert losses that could lead to bankruptcy, MFC scaled down its operations and focused instead on the collection of receivables. In 1993, the management put in place a new management team, which included dynamic and experienced professionals in the finance industry. The investment opportunities presented by the economy’s take off towards sustainable growth and development, and the challenges poised by the growing financial needs of its clientele, led MFC’s new management to re-position its business activities. One step that has been made in order to grow the Company and make it attuned to changing socio-economic conditions is the introduction of new products and services such as direct financing, leasing, factoring of trade receivables, loan arrangement, general insurance services, Doctor’s loan and the latest is the Motorcycle Financing. With the expansion of its operations, MFC has also increased its capitalization. To further strengthen the Company, the stockholder base has been widened to include new shareholders. In addition, credit lines have been obtained from major commercial banks to build up the working funds. More importantly, it has established subsidiaries which are engaged in allied activities to expand its reach to the public. In 2005, MFC started offering financing to motorcycle buyers. Its MC Financing loan product allows credit worthy individuals and small businesses to purchase motorcycles on installment at competitive rates. With motorcycles increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice now for low to middle class individuals, MFC sees the company’s growth in the coming years to be primarily driven by the motorcycle- buying sector. MFC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 2003 and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as provided for under the General Corporation Law and the Revised Financing Act. As such, all its policies and procedures are in conformity with statutory requirements. It has reportorial responsibility to the SEC which supervises all finance companies. Makati Finance is staffed by professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of banking, finance and investment obtained from reputable local and foreign firms. Today, Makati Finance Corporation constitutes a better alternative than bigger banks in providing specific financial products and services with a personalized touch. Products: Motorcycle Financing- Fast and easy installment plans used for purchase of brand new motorcycle units RX Cashline- A personal, multi- purpose, hassle free, non collateral loan that is designed for the credit needs of practicing doctors, ( MD, DMD and DVM) Multipurpose Business Loan –additional working capital that aims to serve the immediate financial needs of small and medium enterprises
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