Alamat Kantor
Guadalupe, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


LYRO MARKETING & CONSTRUCTION had its very humble beginnings in January of 1996, in the City of Tacloban, under the registered business trade name, “PHILADELPHIA MARKETING”, organized as a sole proprietorship business entity, basically engaging in wholesale trading of construction materials to construction hardware establishments in Tacloban City and some parts of Leyte. Few months later, the company found the opportunity to engage itself as the first contractor in Tacloban City for drywall and ceiling using pre-fabricated metal frames, catering to residential buildings at first, and later included commercial buildings as well. Embracing the basic qualities of sincerity, integrity, honesty, dedication, and hard work, and as well as believing in the philosophy of “customer satisfaction thru excellent quality, personalized service, commitment, and creating style in optimal economy”, the company flourished in its field of business and built its name as the only “drywall and ceiling specialist ” in Tacloban City. Driven by the passion for challenges, in January of 1999, it expanded its market to Cebu City and eventually, seeing and realizing a much more bigger market and opportunity in Cebu City, it transferred its Main Office to Cebu City. The company continued to build and carry its name as the “drywall and ceiling specialist” catering to both residential and commercial buildings. In the Year 2000, since the thrust and the direction of the company was into construction, the business trade name “PHILADELPHIA MARKETING” was changed to LYRO MARKETING & CONSTRUCTION. Brought about by the dynamic leadership and positive outlook of the management, the company then expanded its capabilities to include the services of interior fit-out works as well as general building construction until the present time.


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