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Our company is into digital media. Our product is "blumr" What is Blumr? In a highly connected and highly filtered world, imagine when you can deliver your thoughts and emotions as they happen in true real time. BLUMR gives you the opportunity to remain genuine by letting you experience Life as it Happens. Get Personal and BLURT IT!  Blurt is the Chat-as-you-type feature that allows people to communicate ideas as they are conceived and express emotions just as they are felt. Never skipping a beat when you SWITCH to any device! Seamlessly Switch from one device to another while a video or voice call is on-going. Be Bold and BLUM IT!  Experience balanced perspectives to express genuine and unbiased thoughts and feelings that can be heard as they happen. It brings people to a so-called Reality Check, the social experience where people see and hear the popular as well as understand the unpopular. https://blumr.com We are looking for the following people who: • Would like to be part of something revolutionary • Would be interested to join a group of innovative and crazy people who aims to make a dent in this world • Would like to be part of a new industry being built by young and innovative team (Filipino talent) and, • Would be interested to be part of the next big thing?

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