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2F Citiplace Building, 8001 Jose Abad Santos St., San Juan City, San Juan, Philippines


We want you! Lay Bare Group of Companies which owns and operates the Lay Bare Waxing Salon chain has now grown to more than 65 branches nationwide. We are the first hair removal specialist in the country specializing in the use of cold sugar wax only. No more hot wax! No more strips! Just plain, comfortable waxing at a price you can definitely afford. We are looking for energetic, professional, and honest people to join our growing family to help us in making waxing more accessible to anyone who wants affordable and fuss-free hair removal services! Our Story It all began when sisters Fiona and Monique Hilario tried to satisfy their waxing needs through the Metro’s range of beauty parlors. They experienced lengthy waiting time, uncomfortable beds, and the most traumatic of waxing encounters because there was no other alternative. Frustrated with establishments that treated waxing only as a sideline service, and therefore were not looking to improve their facilities, the sisters finally conceptualized a salon specializing on hair-removal alone. The concept behind Lay Bare Waxing Salon is a deviation from the mainstream all-around beauty salons. Fiona and Monique wanted to develop a “hair-removal boutique model” where the salon concentrates on providing a full range of body waxing services that highlights a stress-free hair-removal experience. Our Goals Mission -To continue educating the public about the benefits of waxing especially using cold sugar wax. -To empower women by upgrading their skill level and providing sustainable jobs -To help the environment by using all-natural ingredients that causes no harm to our surroundings -To raise the standard in the beauty and wellness industry through constant innovation, and providing the best value-for-money proposition to clients Vision -To create a paradigm shift in the way people view waxing -To improve the lifestyle of the general public by being the most common and popular solution to hair removal -To be known as the salon providing the most comfortable and affordable hair removal service -To be the premier hair-removal salon within and outside the country in terms of number of branches and brand recall Our Strength 1. Unique services Lay Bare Waxing Salon is the first hair-removal specialist in the country. It institutionalized the use of cold wax made from all natural ingredients of sugar, honey and calamansi (otherwise known as body sugaring). Its cold wax jelly eliminates the incidents of knicks, cuts or burns. At the same time, Lay Bare employs the patch wax technique wherein hair is removed a small section at a time, and thus decreases trauma to the skin. This is a less conventional, but more comfortable alternative to hot wax, which is perceived as painful by many. 2. Reasonable prices Lay Bare Waxing Salon offers hair-removal services at very reasonable prices. Services range from as low as P110 to P2200. Services are affordable even for the simplest of clients! 3. Branch network Lay Bare Waxing Salon is present in all parts of the country and has branches in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Setting sight on the overseas market, Lay Bare’s initial foray abroad is in Los Angeles, California. Situated in Studio City, Lay Bare Waxing Salon is now a close neighbor to Hollywood, Universal Studios, and a 20-minute drive from the Malibu coast.Lay Bare envisions becoming a global enterprise, with a branch in every bustling neighborhood, across all corners, in all major cities. 4. Higher standards Lay Bare values privacy, relaxation and cleanliness. It boasts of cubicles secured by wooden doors and with reclined beds to provide a relaxing experience to clients. Moreover, the salon’s Asian Fusion-inspired/Zen look is reminiscent of a spa where calming music filters the cubicles. Hygiene is also highly prioritized. Lay Bare’s wax is individually packaged; gadgets sterilized after each use. Gloves are used to administer services, and our staff is also trained to abide by the highest standard for cleanliness and hygiene. 5. Constant innovation Lay Bare is constantly innovating the way it delivers its services, and is always ready to serve the needs of clients. For one, it has become more interactive. Its website allows clients to apply for discounts, accomplish a branch feedback form and post a question or testimonial. In addition, one of its future platforms is that clients can maintain their accounts and view their transaction history. Our Background Lay Bare Waxing Salon is the brainchild of the 3 Hilario siblings --- Fiona, Monique, and Paolo. All business graduates, their keen foresight were honed from years of training from competitive business schools. Fiona Hilario is the Chairman of the entire Lay Bare Waxing Salon Chain. At the onset of operations, Fiona was the only one of the 3 siblings who went full-time in managing Lay Bare. Fiona’s strength lies in Human Resource Management & Policy Development. Prior to establishing Lay Bare, Fiona was a Human Resource Specialist for a foreign embassy. Monique Hilario, on the other hand, oversees Training and Marketing of the brand. She took a course on Hair Depilation from the Center of Aesthetics Studies. She was a financial analyst for several years before participating in the business full-time. Paolo Hilario is in-charge of Business Development and Information Systems Management. A techie at heart, he believes that the easiest and most powerful tool to communicate with clients is through the Internet. He was a Banker before working full-time in Lay Bare.

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