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In 1984, Junna began as a small trading from firm established to deliver competitive products to the Philippine industrial sector.

Since then, Junna has grown and diversified into various products and services. As new opportunities in the industrial and commercial sectors grew, the Junna conglomerate began to form different companies based on their product and service competence. In 1998, the Junna Group of Companieswas formed.

The Junna Group represents and delivers products and services to the industrial, energy, railway, aerospace, fire and rescue, mining, government, commercial and consumer sectors trough its specialized companies.

VISION: To be the preferred provider of goods and services in our field of expertise in the markets we choose to serve.

MISSION: Provide client and value-driven products and services that deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Members of Junna Group of Companies:

JUNNA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION: is an industrial outsourcing and technology marketing company focused on innovative products for aerospace, automation, automotive, cleaning, construction, electronics, food, disaster, defense, entertainment, fabrication, hospitality, manufacturing, power generation, rescue, and security applications.
* Products: KRESS, REMS, MIDTRONIC, ATS, PIERCE, OSHKOSH, Turtle Plastics, Petzl
* Exclusive Distributor of : BETA Tools, Hyperspike, Teklite, AED PowerHeart, Vetter, Lukas

GOODWAY INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC: is a leading maintenance solutions provider as well as an exclusive distributor of industrial facility and building maintenance equipment and coating applications. Goodway's highly skilled maintenance teams are professionally trained for the specific task they are assigned to. Goodway is dedicated to being the preferred service provider of the industries it covers.

JUNNA LOGISTICS INC: is a full range logistics and freight related service provider specializing in customs brokerage, air freight and sea freight forwarding. The experience and expertise of Junna Logistic's team in developing fast and cost efficient transportation schemes to satisfy the client's shipping requirements from origin to destination.

ENJ DISTRIBUTORS INC: is the exclusive distributor of Parktronix Parking Guidance & Information Display System, a parking technology that helps drivers find available parking lots as quickly as possible. It improves parking area utilization and reduces unnecessary traffic flow.
* Services: Indoor Parking Guidance System, City Guidance System, Area Guidance System, Ground/Roadside Parking Lot Status Detecting and Guidance System and Parking Management System.


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