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IDENTITY Jubilee Christian Academy is a Chinese Filipino co-educational school established in 1967 to provide quality and well-balanced Christian education from preschool to high school that incorporates both Department of Education and Chinese curricula. MISSION The mission of Jubilee Christian Academy is to utilize the education environment to develop Chinese Filipinos who are committed to Jesus Christ, exhibit excellence in academics, students activities, and character, and who render selfless service to the Home, School, Society, and Church for the well-being of the Philippines and the world, for the glory of God. VISION Jubilee Christian Academy envisions the Jubilean as recognizing the supremacy of Jesus Christ over all aspects of his life. Courageously, he lives out his Christian beliefs and biblical values. Competent in the academics and students activities, well-disciplined in his behavior and demeanor, he is ready and willing to serve. He appreciates himself and his Chinese Filipino heritage, relates positively with others and leads a balanced, enjoyable, and purposeful life. His every role in life declares his deep commitment to live and serve for the greater glory of God and the good of others

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