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Ma’am/Sir: Greetings! I would like to express my sincere desire to apply for an full time position in this company. I am Geraldine M. Andong, I am recently graduated from the New Era University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication. I have the maturity, skills, and abilities to embark on a career in Mass media. I want to bring my knowledge, skills and commitment to excellence to your company’s innovative environment. Your company offers an employee exactly what I am interested in pursuing. I in turn, have many of the qualities that an employer looks for. If you hire me to work for your company, I will prove to be an asset, an employee who is hard working and self-motivated. Please review my application and resume and contact me as soon as possible with your decision. I am looking forward to your positive reply. Thank you and God bless! Sincerely, Geraldine M. Andong

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