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iRipple, Inc. is an international premier retail technology company with headquarters in Manila, and subsidiaries in Thailand and Malaysia. iRipple has developed, marketed and successfully deployed a Retail Management Solution named, “Barter™”, to a growing number of retail businesses in the Philippines. iRipple’s flagship product has proven to be a viable retail solution to progressive small and medium enterprise (SME) businesses. From its initial focus on the supermarket industry, iRipple has moved to servicing a broader range of business operations like boutique, specialty stores, pharmaceutical, convenience store, distribution and the food and beverage retail industry as well. As a solutions provider company, iRipple has also ventured in collaborative projects with well-known ERP Solution Companies and multinational hardware brands, as well as, engage in significant business partnerships. This is part of iRipple’s continuous commitment to provide the best solution and growth opportunities to its Clients. iRipple, Inc. is your single source for comprehensive point of sale systems, software, training, installation and support. This method makes your purchasing decision stress free. We understand that implementing a point of sale solution for your is an important step. That’s why we take the time to suitably assess your needs, create a proper implementation and training plan to assure successful results.

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