iResource Consulting International Inc.

Alamat Kantor
2244 I College Building, Espana Blvd, Sampaloc Manila, Manila, Philippines


iResource Consulting International Incorporated is a subsidiary company of NOW Corporation listed firm in Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). We SOURCE various talents in order to identify the right skilled professional needed by enterprises, MATCH prospect candidates with required skills and experience defined by the client and ENGAGE identified resources will remain as I-Resource personnel assigned to client for a specific period. Being a company supported and backed by one of the largest Filipino owned IT Services Company involve in various IT related services, provider is assisted in interviewing and ensuring technical capabilities of deployed IT Professionals competent team members of the company who are also involve in Project Management IT Development projects. This account was created to bring together all IT Professionals in the Philippines and globally so as to achieve a common goal, that is to highlight Filipino IT Skills in the global market. This is also to open a wide range of opportunities for Filipino IT Professionals, in terms of Jobs and Skills improvement. It is I-Resource Consulting's belief that Filipino IT Professionals are highly competitive in the global market because of their creativity, ability to speak English and their personality where they can work and adopt to any culture and people.

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