International Center for Beginning BeginnersInternational Center for Beginning Beginners

International Center for Beginning Beginners

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NGA Clubhouse, Johnson Park, North Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
NGA Clubhouse, San Juan, Philippines


The International Center for Beginning Beginners: Opening children to a world of creative possibilities. For more than 20 years, ICBB has been a second home to children aged 1.2 to 6 years old, nurturing and educating young minds through its unique and dynamic early childhood education program. In the early 80's back when no one seemed to take on the idea of early stimulation, ICBB took on the challenge to prepare and introduce children as young as 1.2 years old to the pleasure of reading. It developed a sight-reading program from youngsters and was tested successfully at that time. Soon, without utilizing any form of advertising, the students multiplied rapidly and the school caught a great attention. This was the birth of ICBB. Its rich academic/ reading program and the results it reaped is probably the only most effective promotional vehicle ICBB has ever had. And it proved to be just enough to live up to the discriminating taste and standard of those who seek nothing but the best.