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YC James Yen Center Silang, Cavite 4118 Philippines, Silang, Philippines


Vision, Mission, Values, and Logo Our Vision We envision a world of equity, justice and peace where people achieve their full potential and live a life of quality and dignity in harmony with the environment. Our Mission We enable communities and those who work with them to develop innovative yet practical solutions to poverty through a community-led development approach and widely share these lessons to encourage replication. Our Values We are inspired and live by our credo. Our continuous effort to build the capacity of the poor and those who work with them is based on our belief in the following principles: PARTNERSHIPS - based on mutual respect, knowledge, trust, and help TEAMWORK - a multi-disciplinary approach valuing diversity and inclusive communication EXCELLENCE - highly professional work demands accountability and good governance THE 4 C’s- individual qualities of Character, Competence, Commitment, and Creativity The Credo of Rural Reconstruction Go to the people, Live among them, Learn from them, Plan with them, Work with them, Start with that they know, Build on what they have Teach by showing, Learn by doing, Not a showcase, but a pattern Not odds and ends, but a system, Not piecemeal, but an integrated approach Not to conform, but to transform, Not relief but release Our Logo: The Ping The PING is a Chinese ideogram, a symbol expressing an idea. It was the logo of the Mass Education Movement founded in China in 1923 by Dr. Y.C. James Yen and in honor of his background and his beliefs, IIRR has adopted the PING as its logo.The horizontal bar on top represents the mind, the dash on the left is equity, the dash on the right is justice, and the cross in the center represents compassion for the neglected poor. According to Dr. Yen, when there is equity and justice, there will be peace.

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