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ABOUT US Home of intelligent infrastructure solutions - Harbour IT is an innovative company leading the charge to deliver quality Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Service and Service Desk solutions - designed specifically for the Australian midmarket. With an exciting list of customers ranging from the finance industry to airlines, health and manufacturing, and now part of the Canon family, Harbour IT are growing rapidly and looking for energised people with a hands on and can do approach to come on board and continue to make this a great company to work with and for. MISSION AND VALUES STATEMENT "Our Mission is to strive for operational excellence to benefit our customers and provide rewarding careers for our people" -Craig Bishop, Chairman, Harbour IT CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE In the competitive and ever changing industry that is the Managed IT Services & Professional Solutions Industry, Harbour IT aims to differentiate itself by providing customer service excellence in everything it does. Customer service excellence is a journey whereby we constantly seek to improve our service offerings not only via improvements in technology and through better, more efficient ways of operating, but also in the attitudes we exhibit both as a company and as individuals. Corporate conduct is inseparable from the conduct of individual employees in the performance of their work. All Harbour IT employees are responsible for adhering to best business practices that are not just in accordance with the letter and spirit of applicable law, but abide by a set of ethical principles that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behaviour. These core values are essential in building trust and lasting relationships with our employees, customers and business partners alike. CORE VALUES At Harbour IT we are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and behaviour and to always act in a professional and courteous manner, adhering to the following core values: Customer Service Excellence • That we attract, retain and recognise highly proficient and professional staff with a strong work ethic • That we expect our staff to complete all jobs with accuracy, consistency and precision • That our service will exceed the expectations of our customers • That we will work at developing our processes and procedures to the benefit of the customer (Continual improvement) Customer Service Responsibility • That tasks and customer problems are our responsibility and not passed to someone else for resolution • That we empower our staff to take the initiative and make appropriate decisions when the situation clearly demands it • That commitments given are met • To always get back to the customer when we say we will DELIVERY TIMELINESS AND AVAILABILITY • That we develop and refine performance indicators to ensure that our timeframes to respond to queries meet our customers’ needs • That we reference to benchmarks and compare with our own past performance • That we are available when our customers want us to be there Courtesy • We treat customers, clients, suppliers, co-workers and management with courtesy and in a non-discriminatory manner with proper regard for their rights and dignity. • That our staff are polite, friendly, engaged on the task or problem, and have empathy with the our customers Honesty and Fairness • That we always strive to do the right thing by our clients Team Spirit • That we foster a good team spirit and ensure fair-play with unbiased decision making MEETING THE CHALLENGE For Harbour IT, this means we need to attract, recruit, equip, retain and develop truly exceptional talent in all areas of the business, in order that we provide customer service excellence in everything we do. With a mind-set focused around the meeting and exceeding client expectations then we, as individuals, as a company and as a client, will grow as a result. This means ensuring that we all do our bit to ensure: • All new staff members are inducted and feel welcomed into the business from day 1 • All staff feel engaged both in the business and in their team, and in seeing how their role is important to the business • That we foster a ‘team spirit’ and are all part of a special team with similar core values (Inclusive of Family) • That staff remain capable, motivated, pro-active and up to the tasks demanded of them • That talent is recognised and rewarded appropriately, and that internal progression is encouraged • That Personal Development Plans are in place to identify training opportunities for equipping staff with new and updated skills for progression within the company • We have a strong management team to provide strong leadership and direction • Our mission and value-set are outlined to all new employees at interview stage so that they can share with us in this vision

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