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3F Guevent Bldg. #52 Domingo M. Guevara St., Brgy. Mauway, Mandaluyong City, Mandaluyong, Philippines


GIBCO is a professional insurance intermediary registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and duly licensed by the Insurance Commission. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guevent Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) whose stockholders, the family of the late Domingo M. Guevara, are enterprising businessmen long known for their vision, wisdom, integrity, and resiliency in crisis, and driven by a common desire to render professional service to the insuring public. Its principals represent an established group of Insurance Companies long known for their stability, reliability, and sound insurance practices. In partnership with its principals, Guevent Insurance (GIBCO) offers a full range of insurance coverage and surety bonds to protect against losses that may seriously affect the client or his/her business operations. GIBCO guarantees complete identification of various risk exposures and evaluation of insurance needs to put together a comprehensive plan of insurance protection that is adequate at the most reasonable cost. Clients are guaranteed to enjoy a cost-effective insurance program and risk management services that will help in reducing insurance costs, as well as fast and competent service.


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