Green Era Bio- Tech Corporation

Alamat Kantor
Plant, San Juan, Philippines


The Green Era Bio-Tech Corporation on what it is today has a rich and colorful past dating back in 1984 when Mr. John Lu laid the foundations of the company by its first name, Chiu-Nichi Agro Resources Phils., Inc. It started in the trading of farm equipment, then vitamin-mineral concentrates for hogs, premix additives and milk products catering to small as well as large scale piggery farms. Later on, the company introduced to the market special commodity raw materials like the full-fat soya and extruded corn commonly used in own feed mixing. Until time has given the company to create partnerships with other foreign suppliers having thought of venturing to commercial feed manufacturing – there came the birth of specialized piglet feeds- the “Denkapig” brand. Not only do we see the hog sector, the company divest focused attention also to poultry and aquaculture business as target markets for the past years. With our industry, like a anvil, searching for incredible opportunities, our company has distilled out an ingenuine and innovative product in the crucible of fermentation. Thus, gave rise to our brand Golden Protein – a fermented soya. With the advent of Green Revolution that ushers the era of biotechnology using plants to accomplish its end, comes our new company name- GREEN ERA BIO-TECH CORPORATION. While we invest on feed technology and progress on feed manufacturing, we advocate safe feed for the animals, beneficial to our customer, and sustainable to the environment. This advocacy is best demonstrated in our battle cry –The Green Way Towards Healthier Animals and Safer Food” OUR VISION To lead the future of the local feed industry to a higher ground through new and safe innovative technology in order to gain competitiveness in the global market. OUR MISSION To produce high quality animal feeds and feeds supplement using a safer and new technology OUR VALUES INNOVATION – Providing practical, proven and research-driven product solutions for healthier animals, food safety, sustainable environment, customer profitability and satisfaction INTEGRITY – Confidence in the pursuit to maintain the quality of our product. We shall remain anchored to our advocacy “A Green Way Towards Healthier Animals and Safer Food” EMPOWERMENT – Exhibiting our skills, knowledge and desire towards the company’s success in the fulfillment of the commitment to invest in its people, systems and facilities. Our excellence breeds empowerment – to our business, customers, and to the community.

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