Green Acres Hydroseeding Inc.Green Acres Hydroseeding Inc.

Green Acres Hydroseeding Inc.

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M.San Buenaventura, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Pasig, Philippines


Established in 2017, Green Acres provides cost-effective and self-sustaining soil stabilization and vegetation establishment solutions for the construction, landscaping, mining, and roadside development projects. Typically for those in need of greening, slope protection, erosion control, turf establishment or general vegetation establishment with hydroseeding and other related products and services. Green Acres is a young but growing company often pioneering the emerging industry of hydroseeding. We operate in the Philippines and Southeast Asia as the exclusive distributor of HydroStraw and Summit Seed’s high-quality products and equipment for the region. We are growing our team with patient, detail orientated people who enjoy a rapid, multi-cultural working environment and can comfortably cope with pressured situations when they arise. We handle numerous evolving projects, all at different stages in the sales pipeline. Projects transition through initial inquiries, to project planning, onto project implementation and often post-installation maintenance as well. All this happens alongside regular progress tracking/documentation and ongoing remote support of past projects. This makes the company fast-paced, with lots of room for growth with the right people in place, giving the potential for internal career development as the company grows. Clear and honest communication is required and expected due to the accelerated, evolving nature of the work we do. The company is committed to ensuring its employees have what they need where possible to perform their roles effectively and efficiently. Also encouraging practical suggestions on how to do so, or ways to improve current systems/processes in place, when appropriate.

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