Alamat Kantor
Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Pasig City, Philippines


Goodah!!! became well known and solidly patronized food chain starting in the 80's when it popularized traditional hot and quickly-served Filipino snacks like Goto, Arrozcaldo, Dinuguan and Pares as well as acronym-named ensemble-dishes consisting of a fried rice base ( sinangag abbreviated to"si" and fried eggs ( itlog abbreviated to "log") combined with companion meats with names like " Tapsilog" ( tapa, sinangag at itlog), "longsilog" ( longanisa, sinangag at itlog), tocilog ( tocino, sinangag at itlog). We are proud to be the first fast food restaurant that popularized quick rice and porridge meals as well as quick served Filipino snack food found in almost every Filipino restaurant today.

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