Global Staff Connections

Alamat Kantor
2106 Orient Square Bldg., Pasig, Philippines


Global Staff Connections helps those businesses seeking the advantages of outsourced staff without the costs and difficulties of setting up their own operation. Specifically, we fill a gap in the market for businesses like yours that want to employ their own staff – reporting directly to them – rather than outsourcing to a faceless team. The staff you employ through us become your people, supported by our facilities and management. We start by finding you talented individuals aligned with your specific job requirements, who you then interview and handpick for employment. The successful candidate becomes your staff member, working out of our quality, Australian-standard office space and with IT infrastructure which allows them to work and communicate seamlessly with you and your team in a supervised and supported environment. You then oversee the staff member in the execution of their daily function – as you would a local team member – and manage them towards their agreed performance targets. Our model is talent-driven rather than process-driven – delivering you the benefits of virtual staff members rather than the minefield of business process outsourcing. It's a new approach, born of our own experience with market alternatives which fell short of our needs as business owners.

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