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About Genetica, Inc

Genetica is home to Flora, Flora is a Neural Dynamic Knowledge System (NDKS). Architecturally defined as a number of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN/NN) nested within a predetermined array of Expert Systems (ES) arranged within a hierarchical structure guided by Flora's proprietary Primary Controller. Essentially, imagine walking into a CVS pharmacy or any Cannabis/CBD store in the country and immediately being directed to the tablet that houses Flora, who will then manage the entire end to end process of identification, collaboration and distribution of the medicine and products. This is all happening while Flora powers the entire decision making process for the retailers, thus controlling the ecosystem! Flora's Neural Network exists where ML algorithms are utilized with a specific purpose and in a way that emulates the operational behavior of a human brain. So no need exists for them to deal with the headaches of managing their 8+ other software systems as Flora manages them all for them!
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