Fyrelyn Industries, Inc.

Fyrelyn Industries, Inc.

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Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines



About Fyrelyn Industries, Inc.

Fyrelyn Industries, Inc., a leading fireprotection and safety company recognized throughout Philippines, as a privately owned and operated company with its headquaters in Quezon City, Metro Manila. FII is aprt of Philippine Chamber of Fire Protections, Inc., the Philippines's largest fire and safety systems organization operating in the country. Everyday our equipments is actively protecting people, property and critical assets from the hazzards of fire and explosion. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality product and as a testimony of our ability to provide technical and engineering services.

For nearly four decades, FII has grown to be the leader of effective and realiable safety and fire protection company in the country. Fyrelyn has access to a remarkable depth of physical and intellectual resources, providing strength to reinforce expertise. We can provide full-time, professional personnel throughout Philippines to work on your project a depth of coverage unique in the region.

For more than 150 years of combined experience of our key personnel, FII has been protecting lives, property and companies through comprehensive fire protection solutions - ranging from engineering advice, risk analysis of first protection training - across the commercial, industrial, private and public sectors.

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