Fully Booked

Alamat Kantor
Taguig, Philippines


Fully Booked opened its first branch in Rockwell and has grown to over 17 branches nationwide. Known for its comprehensive selection of books under every interest, the store’s signature ambiance has also become a haven for thought tinkerers and readers alike. Local store with world-class titles With over a hundred thousand titles, it has captured the loyalty of book lovers of all ages. From Graphic Novels to books on Cookery, Architecture and Design, anyone who walks in a Fully Booked bookstore with an open mind and a thirst for a good read will ultimately find a story to fall in love with. More than books Fully Booked has expanded to offer one-of-a-kind merchandise to suit the lifestyle of its readers. In 2014, they opened the first Tintin shop in the Philippines, and they continue to offer high-quality stationery, arts and crafts, novelty notebooks, rare CDs, and other collectibles as unique as its patrons.

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