Fruitwishes International

Alamat Kantor
2304 World Trade Exchange Building, Binondo Manila, Manila, Philippines


Fruitwishes is a business that helps you provide imported fresh fruits, right at your doorstep. With over 20 years of experience in fruit industry, Fruitwishes selections of fresh fruits are globally competitive. We import our fruits from well-known direct supplier in different countries, shipped using International Cold Storage Standards to keep it fresh while shipping. Special cargo trucks, then to our well-built cold storage to maintain the standards set to us by our supplier, to ensure that our fruit will keep their benefits as if you just picked it from your backyard. Our dream of building a healthy country can be achieve with the help of our very hard working and dynamic team. We all have the same vision to which give you and serve the best and fresh fruits. Fruitwishes is also committed to its strong mission of giving not only for the welfare of our customers but also to those people who strongly establish our goal of making our products the best in the market. Fruitwishes will stand on its ground of giving you the fresh and best fruits at a very reasonable price.

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