Foremost Farms, Incorporated

Alamat Kantor
448 Evangelista St, Pasig, Philippines


Foremost Farms, Incorporated (FFI) was established to engage primarily in agricultural development and livestock breeding and trading. It is the single largest piggery farm in the country. Foremost Farms, Inc. is acclaimed as the trendsetter in the feeds and livestock industry. To maintain in this position, the company continues to explore new techniques and invest in the state of the art equipment. We are also recognized as the producer of high quality feeds. The company carefully tests the purity and composition of all incoming raw materials, both micro and macro ingredients, in order to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used. A program of product integrity was also established to commit the entire organization in testing the feed products according to the highest standard process instruction, each without shortcuts and individual deviations. By keeping abreast with our customer’s needs and demands, we are exploring new avenues and technologies to produce feeds and livestock that will merit customer satisfaction at optimum cost.

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