Alamat Kantor
Marikina Heights, Marikina City, Manila, Philippines


Adsatworkx BPO Business Mission: Competitive Rates with the Highest Quality Business Process Every company, organization and institution has a mission to fulfill. Adsatworkx BPO is proud to serve its clients with this in mind: "To provide the highest quality business process outsourcing solutions at competitive rates with dedication to building strong partnerships and a solid commitment to our clients worldwide." This is what we work to each and every day when responding to the challenging demands of the BPO industry. It’s what our management team live by and expect from each of our employees in the Adsatworkx BPO family. BPO Service Vision of Adsatworkx BPO : Bridging Boundaries beyond Client Expectations It takes more than words to create a vision. It requires: Passion to succeed Determination to beat all odds Commitment to challenge yourself Desire to seek excellence in all your endeavors The management team at adsatworkx BPO are visionaries and they are clear where we are headed. They are living inspirations to every employee of the company as they take part in transforming this vision into reality. This is our Vision: "We bridge individual, cultural and organizational boundaries to enable us to consistently exceed our clients's expectations and provide continuous growth for our team and our company." Our staff experience a working environment free from discrimination. You are at liberty to express your: race religion sexuality disability We focus on the heart and the willingness of individuals to share their talents for the success and growth of Adsatworkx BPO.

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